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Yerba mate wholesale.

We specialise in wholesale of yerba mate and accessories for its preparation. We offer the widest range of products from the world of yerba mate at competitive prices. We are direct importers of yerba mate, herbs and accessories for preparing the brew. We have been dealing with export and wholesale distribution of yerba mate since 2005. Our vast experience and excellent knowledge of the South American market is based on many years of cooperation with trusted companies on that side of the Atlantic. Thanks to more and more commercial contracts our portfolio is constantly growing. We export yerba mate and accessories directly from the plantations, manufactories and startups we are happy to support. For years we have been offering private label production and expert support to yerba mate companies in Europe! Among our partners are the brands Mate Green, El Pajaro, Rio Negro, Mateine, FD, Taragui, Colon, Campesino, Rosamonte, Yacuy, and many, many more! Most of our team are people who have been part of it for several years, drinking yerba mate and knowing the subject inside out. In our company, mutual trust is important, and we translate this idea into contacts with customers

We offer our partners dedicated sales assistants.

In our shop you will find not only the best yerba mate. We also offer wholesale prices of yerba mate accessories from the most popular brands such as Mate Green, El Pajaro or Rio Negro to small handicraft studios making their own materas, bombillas, thermoses, calabashes and many other accessories. Our offer includes bombillas, calabashes and mattresses made from exotic varieties of trees such as palo santo, algarrobo or nandubay, as well as all kinds of small yerba gifts such as teabags, boxes and tins for storage, bags and T-shirts. The famous Yerbomos Drive for cars and the latest Yerbomos 4.0, a portable yerba mate thermos with bidon, mattress and bombilla functions, are also worth mentioning.


You can work with us in the way that best suits your needs. Choose the one that guarantees you the right level of service.

Wholesale yerba mate. How to place an order on our website?

How to work with our wholesale yerba mate platform?

Just create an account on yerbamatehurt.com! Once your details have been verified by our service supporting this sales channel you will be able to see our wholesale prices. Our discount programme is very effective and simple - the higher the order amount, the greater the discount! If you have any questions, please contact our sales department.

We wish you successful cooperation.