Lemon Verbena Tea Green Dried Leaves Tisane Superfood Superior Quality 100

  •  Lemon Verbena Tea Green Dried Leaves Tisane Superfood Superior Quality 100
  •  Lemon Verbena Tea Green Dried Leaves Tisane Superfood Superior Quality 100

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Lemon Verbena BABA is strongly aromatic natural herb packed with numerous health benefiting antioxidants and phyto-nutrients.

 Health Benefits Of Lemon Verbena :
Digestive Issues: Lemon verbena tea also has certain soothing qualities that have been traditionally relied on to relieve stomach issues and indigestion in many different cultures. This herbal preparation has anti-spasmodic qualities that help it calm the stomach and eliminate cramping and bloating, which can lead to discomfort and more serious gastrointestinal issues. Although earlier we mentioned the weight loss properties of lemon verbena tea, it also helps to regulate the appetite (which might mean stimulating it, in some cases), leading to healthy nutrient intake to optimize your metabolic processes.

Protect Your Muscles: This is one of the most unique qualities of this herb, and one that you don’t often find in simple teas. When you choose to use lemon verbena tea as anexercise supplement, research has shown that the high antioxidant potential decreases damage done to the muscles during the workout, without inhibiting your body’s development of additional muscle mass and increased stamina. This makes lemon verbena the perfect pre-workout companion!

Reduce Inflammation: Arthritis and injuries can both wreak havoc on our joints and mobility. As we age, or when we get injured, it can be difficult to ever feel whole again because our joints are in constant use and rarely have time to heal properly. Lemon verbena has been directly linked with reduced joint pain and aching, and faster recovery times for joint-related injuries, primarily due (once again) to the impressive antioxidant performance of this unassuming little herb.

Immune System: Oxidative stress is the formal name for our bodies “breaking down”. Oxidative stress is a result of free radical activity and presence throughout our body’s organ systems, which weakens the immune system by stretching it too thin and distracting it with cellular mutation and chronic disease. Research has connected lemon verbena supplementation with lowered oxidative stress levels and better overall health of the body, evidence by a decisive increase in white blood cells, the first line of defense for our immune system.

Weight Loss: While tea is often suggested for those on a diet, lemon verbena seems to be particularly effective. There are only 2 calories per serving and the rich mix of organic compounds has an effect on the body that reduces the “munchies”, thereby preventing you from snacking between meals and compromising your diet. Also, the important metabolic effects of lemon verbena tea can help to increase fat-burning by optimizing various bodily processes.

Usage: A refreshing tea with lemon flavor: teaspoon herb pour a cup of boiling water, infuse approx. 10 minutes under cover. It can be used as a seasoning for fish, poultry, vegetable marinades, salads, drinks and fruit. Dried leaves are used in fragrance blends "potpourri". The product can not be used by people who are allergic to any of its ingredients. Ingredients: Lemon Verbena - dried herbs 100% Country of origin: Poland Best before: Expiration date and batch number are indicated on a sticker on the back of the pack. Store at room temperature in an airtight container out of the reach of small children. Available packaging: 100g
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